MASH is an independent brewery committed to producing great beers of character.  We are not a large faceless brewing conglomerate (mentioning no names) and in that spirit here are 12 things about us and how we started MASH Brewery:

  1. The brewery takes its name from the mashing phase of the brewing process. Though we do think we make Modern Ales Stylishly Handcrafted.
  2. We would have loved to brew an amazing Dunkel, but we have had a few attempts trying.
  3. We started as home brewers with a friends old kit.
  4. The colours of our favourite football teams adorn our firkins.
  5. One of us used to do Morris Dancing and we do hold that against him.
  6. We cannot afford the Cadbury’s Smash Martians to help advertise our beers, ‘for Mash get Smash’ – you remember, if not its on You Tube.
  7.  Before being commercial brewers an insulated picnic box was our first mash tun.
  8. We soon realised there is an awful lot of cleaning involved.
  9. Ensure you call water liquor when you are brewing or open yourself up to ridicule from your colleagues
  10. Bavarian brewers are not losing any sleep – see point 2.
  11. It helps to have a spouse with the patience of a saint when you commandeer a kitchen and a conservatory for many a year while home brewing.
  12. The three ears of barley on our logo symbolise the three founders.