At MASH we brew our beers with care, passion and the finest ingredients. In terms of malt, premium Maris Otter is our barley of choice and it is used in everyone one of our beers.  According to Cask Marque only 6% of British beers are brewed with Maris Otter.  MASH are proud to belong to such an exclusive club.

Some speciality malt is used in smaller quantities to provide colour or impart particular flavours within some of the range.

At MASH its the whole hops and nothing but the whole hops.  We don’t comprise on quality with hop pellets, its just the lovely whole hop cones for us.  The hops we brew with are from a variety of countries including England, Germany, USA and Australia. We pick these varieties based on their bittering and aroma properties to give us the flavour profiles we are after.

Finally we take Hampshire water for our brewing liquor.

The best malt, the best hops and local water – modern ales stylishly hand-crafted.