Experienced Sales Agents (part time)

MASH Brewery in Winchester are looking for experienced sales agents. If you are able to work part time from home and have a passion for beer, then this is the job for you. Will involve both telephone sales and visiting local outlets within a sales area of a 20 mile radius of either of Bournemouth, Southampton, Reading or Portsmouth. Self employed / commission only.

Please email your CV to info@mashbrewery.com to which all pre-application enquiries should also be addressed.

The job holder should:

  • In the first instance make sales calls to sales outlets (pubs, clubs, off licences etc) based on a list of prospects provided at intervals by the MASH Brewery.
  • Identify prospective outlets within their sales area and follow up with a sales call or a visit.
  • Contact purchasers a suitable period following the sale to ensure the outlet was happy with the beer and arrange follow on orders, cask pick up etc.
  • Where possible visit outlets occasionally to establish a personal relationship between the outlet and the brewery and gather feedback.
  • Record all customer interaction in association with the MASH Sales Team.

It is anticipated that, in a typical week, around 30 outlets would be contacted.