At MASH we are here to help.  We are a local independent brewery with a distinctive range of beers produced with the finest ingredients.

Please go to the Beers section of the site to see the current range.

In addition we are flexible around supplying your needs to make your business a success.

Find out more by visiting the Free Trade or Pub Group sections of this site.  MASH is a member of SIBA and supply beers under Beerflex. Alternatively give us a call on 01962 795023 or drop us a line at the team at MASH would love to hear from you.

MASH are members of the Micropub and Microbrewery Association and you can find out more information on the movement on their website.

MASH supply a range of beers in Key Keg format.  More information on Key Kegs can be found here.  Magic Rock Brewery have also provided a useful guide on dispensing from Keg Kegs and how they differ from a conventional keg